Stronger TogetherMake Team Decisions

Win-Win Decision Making

Be the change you want to see.

  • Competition
  • Battles
  • Power Over
  • Ego Tripping

An Artful SkillNegotiation.

For more than 30 years, countries negotiating treaties, successful businesses, and organizations of diverse stakeholders have used the process described in Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher. Deciding win-win solutions means learning new habits and making mistakes. Be forgiving of each other and support everyone to develop new skills.

Major Themes
  • Beware the easy agreement –think deeply
  • Air differences to get to the heart of things
  • The answer is never an either/or choice
  • Find common ground, both/and solutions
  • Be open to new ideas
  • Listen for underlying values and beliefs

Work TogetherBe Stronger.

Remember that the goal is an inclusive team where everyone feels like they belong. If you work together, the result is even better ideas than what you started with.

Issues to Overcome

People aren’t listening to each other
Discussion gets heated
Discussion is dragging
There’s an outlier who disagrees

Group Action

Go around and everyone speaks
Be open to new ideas
Talk in pairs
Support and explore why
Find a + in an outlier’s idea
Think creatively, beyond either/or

Which Ideas?

Some team members will lobby for ambitious ideas that many students will get enthusiastic about, while other team members will want a few small successes to establish credibility of the team. In the both/and tradition, a mixture is probably best. Begin a Big Idea of people’s dreams that will inspire people’s interest but also take a while, plus work for a few small changes that can demonstrate the TEAM’s effectiveness.

Walk the Talk of Being Inclusive

In publicizing work of the team, ask for input from non-team members.

Unleash Energy

Maximize talents and interests of individual team members. Individuals need to say what they need in the way of support.


Everyone accepts that people on the team will have different levels of time they can commit to the work. Everyone needs to be clear on what they can do and be responsible for in the follow through.

Work Groups

As your team grows in size, consider establishing work groups. Coordinators for each work group must stay in close communication with other group coordinators.

The force be with you