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Heroes inspire us. Currently, my heroes are students acting to change schools, like the Parkland, Florida high school students who defied the inaccurate stereotype of feckless teenagers. In the face of great loss of their friends in a school shooting, the students refused fear and gained strength through joining together and speaking out, “Never Again.” Their clear thinking, passion, and leadership brought results: new laws by Florida and other state legislatures, not all that the student lobbyists wanted but change in the right direction. Strong support came from 3,000 schools across the country who participated in the “National Walkout.” The awesome “March for Our Lives,” in D.C. moved many more people to become involved and speak out.

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Still, change is hard and not enough was being done. Parkland seniors graduated in the spring, a powerful yet also scary moment in a young adult’s life, embarking on a new personal direction in a larger world beyond the security of family, school, and often local community. Again, the students showed great strength in not letting the issue of school gun violence die. This summer the March for Our Lives movement organized the Road to Change bus tour to register new voters among the 4 million Americans who turn 18 this year, thus eligible to vote in local primaries selecting candidates running for office in November. Over 50 stops are planned for June, July and August in over 20 states, many places where the National Rifle Association has strong support. In addition, they plan 25 stops in Florida, visiting every congressional district in their home state.

You can follow the Road to Change activity at MARCH FOR OUR LIVES.

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